What we Do ?

we create an individual personalised, your own mobile application for re-experiencing marriage / anniversary / child's bday for you and your family at there fingertips, in form of a web/app containg all photos/videos of that function. Memories are not meant to stored in drives. Re-experience them whenever you want. A perfect gift for your loved ones or couple going to get married ,can use it as a digital invitation too.

The Process

We will take all your photos/videos/data of your best day. We provide a link for you to upload all data or physically courier us the drive.Courier & hard-drive charges will get deducted from price.

We have some preset themes for app ,you select from it and in just 9 days we craft your app. On tenth day you get three things - Live app, digital-video invitation, Lifelong support :-)

Don't worry ,we know you have more memories like first annv, baby shower and more . So for adding those memory to app once again we follow step 1 and in 7 days your app gets new memories.


  • Android app & web page only
  • Upto 50gb photos & 50gb videos
  • Family section with only name & single photo
  • Digital Invitation card
  • 20 days Dev time

  • Android app & web page only
  • Upto 100gb photos / videos
  • Family section with family member facial recognized Automated List of photos from whole function
  • Digital Invitation video & card
  • 15 days Dev time

  • Android app, IOS APP, WEB page
  • Upto 150gb photos / videos
  • Family section with family member facial recognized Automated List of photos from whole function
  • Digital Invitation video & card
  • 10 days Dev time

* We also offer facial search functionality through third party redirection within app. Charges for that are INR 3000/- extra with 15 days of validity for using facial search.

* All prices are for lifetime and if in future need to add any memory like first anniversary or any other ,it will be 2000/- INR each time you want to get it added within the app.

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Our web/app is the perfect way to get a personalized, digital album in form of your individual app that showcases all the special moments at your fingertips when you want.With our user-friendly interface, you and your loved ones can easily see your all of your wedding photos and videos. 📹 Plus, you can easily share the app with family and friends ,with unique codes so that no one else can see.


Weddingwebapp comes out to be one of that product which is widely accepted from many of our clients for making there wedding come true whenever they or there family want's at there fingertips.
The wedding web app proves out to be an unique, systematic, personalised way for making your special day come alive.
Weddingwebapp not only is used for post wedding memories in form of digital app, but also for invitation and pre-wedding and all memories of your life journey
Weddingwebapp is the perfect gift you can give someone ,doesn't matter married now or years before ,like many of our clients had gifted weddingwebapp to there parents & relatives.
We are ready to make your's or for your loved ones the perfect "weddingwebapp".

A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that's true ,but it's not just storage ,it's an identity, it's personalised, your own individual app, on your name, on your's & relatives phone. Online storage just provide you a link, and whenever you want to see, keep on struggling & searching for that link. Online storage is limited and pricing is also an issue. Other than that weddingwebapp is a new way for creating digital-album cum app. And its like why to own a car when you can book a cab, but those who own a car knows it- because it adds to yourself, sameways weddingwebapp adds a star to your wedding.

Apart from categorised storage for your memories in form of photo/videos, weddingwebapp also have dedicated section for your family, where your family key person's image comes with there names and relation to you ,and clicking on those images will show all photos of that individual from complete app. Also the app is built to be used like an invitation too ,showcasing invitation video, pre-weddingshoots and later complete wedding memories.

Weddingwebapp can handle upto 100 gb's of photo and videos. Properly category wise your photos and videos are put on the app. And if you need more, than we can do that also.*.

All your photos / videos are private to you and the person with whom you are sharing the code. We respect user privacy and its safe and completely secured. No other person can access it. You trust your photographer for your photos sameways you can trust us also as many of our clients do.

We are running an IT service/product based company named webappdestiny. We are a team of tech avengers and believe in crafting of great products in form of web/app.We are secured,recognised and professional in our working and our promises.



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